Kindergarten Family Fun Night – Friday, April 7

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Phillies Family Day – April 23

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Birdhouse Design/ Build Challenge: Volunteers Needed!

Birdhouse Design/ Build Challenge:
Not to put too fine a point on it…
Volunteers Needed!

Enfield welcomes Artist in Residence, Jenna Price,
a woodworker leading a Birdhouse Design/Build Challenge.

Students designed birdhouses during art last week
and now we need helping hands for the building stage!

Please click on the link below to sign up
to help during your child’s art class 
on either
Monday March 13, Tuesday March 14
Wednesday March 15,
Thursday March 16 or Friday March 24.

Design/ Build Birdhouse


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EEHSP Spring Carnival – 5/20 – Mark Your Calendars

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Erdenheim – Artist In Residence Program

If your child had gym last Tuesday you may have heard about this year’s artist-in-residence, the dance group Hip Hop Fundamentals.

They will be coming back Feb 2, 3, 13, and 15 during gym classes so that all students can take part in Breakdancing workshops designed to explore this unique American art form while building confidence and teamwork.

As the dancer told the kids last week “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!” Stay tuned for photos and videos of the kids expressing themselves through dance!

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Erdenheim Yearbook: What You Need to Know

As you are hopefully aware, EEHSP has a Fifth Grade Committee that is organizing many wonderful things for our 5th graders, including a yearbook, which every student will receive for free. This post explains what the Yearbook Committee needs from you to make this the best it can be, and invites you to join us in producing a wonderful commemorative item for our Fifth Graders. Click “read more” for more information.

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EEHSP 2016-2017 Meeting Schedule & Events

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The EEHSP Needs YOU!


September 2016

Dear Enfield-Erdenheim Parent or Guardian,

The EEHSP is looking for a few interested and dedicated individuals to help complete its 2016-17 Board of Directors. While individual responsibilities vary by position, all Board members participate in two meetings a month – that of the Board itself, as well as the public meeting at which interested members of the public learn about EEHSP’s agenda, activities, and finances as well as what is happening in our children’s schools. Together, the Board oversees the creation, implementation, and funding of programs to better our children’s educational experiences. Training and support (not to mention fellowship and laughter) can be expected. It is never too early (or too late!) to step up and get involved. Consistent with our bylaws, we are advertising all positions.

  • Co-Presidents – oversee the day to day operations of the Board and its Committees. Sets agenda for year, and runs meetings. This is a large commitment and requires communication and organizational skills.

  • Vice-President for Grade Levels – serves as a liaison between EEHSP and the grade level representatives, overseeing their administration of our grade level events and helping engage them as ambassadors for EEHSP and its work.

  • Co-Treasurers – keep the books for the organization, disbursing reimbursement checks and recording transactions. Prepare monthly financial statements comparing budget to actual performance. Also work with our outside accountants to prepare our annual tax returns.

  • Co-Communications Liaisons – are responsible for e-blasts and website maintenance (wordpress) for EEHSP. Some tech skills would be great, though training will be provided. This is a great position to work from home or work, with less ongoing responsibility.

  • Director of Purchasing – is responsible for maximizing our funds by researching and finding “best prices” for the purchases the organization makes in bulk, or on an as needed basis for our committees. If you are a value shopper, and good at internet research for best pricing, this could be a great fit for you!

  • Recording Secretary – is responsible for taking minutes at EEHSP meetings, finalizing and distributing same, and updating our bylaws and operating procedures as necessary. This is a great entry position for people looking to get involved but who have limited time availability at present.

  • Volunteer Coordinator – conducts outreach to incoming K classes, works with committee chairs to staff their committees, and serves as a liaison with the schools to assist with volunteer needs for the classroom.

Come join us! It’s the best way I know to shortcut the learning process of being a parent in the SDST elementary schools – you will very quickly learn what to expect from EVERY grade, with the added bonus of feeling you are giving something back to the dedicated teachers and staff we are so privileged to have at SDST.

Please click here to download the form, and then return your completed application by September 20th if you are interested. You can return via backpack mail, or may expedite our receipt of your response by emailing the requested content to

Lisa Levine Kempner
EEHSP Volunteer Coordinator

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Square 1 Art Coming Soon!


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Flapjack Fundraisers – 11/12/16 and 3/25/17!


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