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EEHSP 2016-17 Leadership

A complete list of the EEHSP Board, Grade Level Representatives and Committee Chairs will be posted soon.

Naim Moore, EEHSP PresidentFreddy Murray, EEHSP President







Naim Moore
Freddy Murray


Joe Randa, Vice President, EEHSP







Vice President:
Joe Randa


Charlotte Igou, Treasurer







Charlotte Igou


Colleen Schaller







Assistant Treasurer:
Colleen Schaller


Hillary Chybinski, Recording Secretary







Recording Secretary:
Hillary Chybinski


Rana B. Adams, Vice President of Fundraising







Vice President of Fundraising:
Rana B. Adams


Lisa Levine Kempner, Volunteer Coordinator







Volunteer Coordinator:
Lisa Levine Kempner


Tina Anderson, Director of Purchasing







Director of Purchasing:
Tina Anderson








Co-Communications Liaisons:
Stephen Heverin
Nicole Benner (Nikki)








Nicole Benner (Nikki)

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