Color Day T-Shirt Sale, Only $5! Order now!

  • Color Day 2022 is coming to our school. Enfield’s Color Day will be on June 3rd. To help with the festivities, the EEHSP is pleased to offer a special edition Spartan Pride T-shirt for the low price of $5!
    Erdenheim students participated in a logo contest and the design on the shirt is the winning submission from a talented Erdenheim fourth grader. The shirts will be delivered to the classrooms on before Color Day. To receive your shirt before Color Day, Enfield shirts must be ordered before 7pm on June 1st.
  • To find out if your class is blue or steel, click HERE.

  • To help with delivery if you need more than one shirt, please only order one at a time.
  • To order, click HERE. 
  • Questions? Send an Email!

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