EEHSP Donation Campaign

Dear EEHSP Community,

On behalf of the Enfield Erdenheim Home and School Partnership (EEHSP), we hope you are all settling into what has already been a unique and difficult school year! We about half of the year behind us, and the pandemic and the hybrid/virtual school options are presenting challenges to our elementary school community unlike anything we have ever seen before. We are all learning and adjusting to our new normal, and it has not been easy.

During a typical school year, the EEHSP organizes and funds a long list of events and other initiatives designed to enrich the learning environment and support our children, teachers and school community. Just to name a few, the EEHSP offers Color Day, Visiting Author and Illustrator, Artist in Residence, grade level Family Fun Nights, 5th Grade Recognition, teacher/classroom projects, Reading Olympics, various assemblies and mini-grants. This past year, EEHSP also made a large donation to fund the playground at the new Enfield Elementary school, which opened in September. While this year may look very different, our goal has not changed. We will continue to still strive to support and improve our school community as much as possible as we are currently reassessing our lineup and starting to plan social distancing events and other activities.

In order to fund our projects for a typical school year, the EEHSP organizes multiple activities including Dine & Donates, Book Fairs, the Spring Carnival, Harlem Wizards, Holiday Craft Fair and more! Normally, these fundraisers are enough to support our projects and we are very grateful to the EEHSP community for participating and supporting these activities each year. However, because many of these activities were cancelled last year, and are certainly on hold for this year as well, we are in a difficult funding situation. We are still planning events! For example, we offered a socially distanced version of our Erdenheim Book Fair this Fall. While still a success, Covid rules and guidelines for the Book Fair limited what we were able to offer, and ultimately left us far short of our fundraising goal.

As we try to move forward, our goal is to accomplish as much as possible now, but more importantly, we need to establish firm financial footing in order to hit the ground running when we finally return to normal activities. Therefore, we are reaching out to the EEHSP community this year with a Direct Donation Campaign. We realize all of us are experiencing hard times, and that asking our community to give more now might be difficult. However, if you are able to give, we ask that you consider a donation to the EEHSP. We are confident that the services we provide are an essential part of the Springfield elementary school community, and we hope that you agree and will help support our cause!

Once again, thank you for your continued support of our schools, our children and our community! We wish you all a prosperous 20/21 academic year!!!

~~EEHSP Board


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