Welcome 2017-18 Kindergarten Families!

Dear Kindergarten Parent,

On behalf of the Enfield Erdenheim Home & School Partnership (EEHSP), welcome to the extraordinary School District of Springfield Township, and to our gem of an elementary school, Enfield Elementary!

One of the distinguishing features of this small, quasi-private district is our amazing families and the variety of ways we participate in our children’s education by volunteering throughout the year with EEHSP.  The EEHSP is open to anyone whose child is a student at our elementary schools, and we want you to take ownership of your experience with us.  Our organization sponsors multiple events and activities so that you can find something that interests you.  Donating your time to the EEHSP is enriching for parents and children alike and helps us make our kids’ experiences the best they can be.  For more information about EEHSP and the programs we offer our children, visit our website www.eehsp.org, or join our Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/EEHSP.  Be on the lookout for an updated Kindergarten Handbook, which contains some very useful information.

So, who are we, and what do we do?  EEHSP works tirelessly throughout the year to raise money and provide services that benefit our children in the following ways:

    • Author Illustrator – we provide the children with opportunities to visit with and learn from published children’s authors.
    • Artist in Residence – we sponsor a visiting artist, who works with the children in their art class to create a durable and lasting body of artwork that often remains on display at the schools.
    • Assemblies – we provide the schools with funds to bring in supplemental assemblies for the children, from puppet shows to theater groups tackling tough topics like bullying.
    • Book Fair – we host Scholastic book fairs twice a year, which the children all love and look forward to in the fall and spring.
    • Fun Days – EEHSP hosts several events throughout the year, some of which raise money for our programs, but all of which are a tremendous amount of fun for the kids.  Our Carnival, in particular, is an annual tradition everyone looks forward to each May.
    • Grade Level Events – each year EEHSP sponsors a curriculum-aligned family fun night for each grade.  These have included a Zoo on Wheels, Science night, an African Bazaar, and an historical scavenger hunt celebrating Springfield’s rich history.
    • Playground Materials – EEHSP donates numerous enhancements to the children’s experience on the playground, from balls and games, to colorful and fun stencils on the blacktop.
    • Talent Show – the EEHSP talent show has a rich tradition of student participation, and highlights some of the very many talented students in our elementary schools.
  • Teacher Grants – we provide every teacher with a yearly stipend to purchase materials for use in the classroom, as well as much larger mini-grants that augment the children’s academic experiences.  This year, mini-grants provided, among other things, an “Around the World” experience for the kindergarteners, several school trips, chicks and incubators for the second graders, educational games and software for classroom use.
  • Young Authors Night – this wonderful program allows our third graders to experience the whole process of writing and publishing their own original works of creative writing, and is a wonderful experience for all who participate.

These are but a sample of the programs our fundraising supports.  We typically conduct 2-3 major fundraisers a year, with many other forms of fundraising that occur throughout the year.  We also have several committees that contribute to the schools, and our children, in larger and smaller ways.  There are plenty of opportunities, whatever your interest, to get involved, and we look forward to meeting with you to discuss the ways in which you can join us next year.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the schools, EEHSP, or ways that you can get involved, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us at the contact information below.  We would be glad, as well, to pair you with an experienced “buddy” who can help you navigate the road to, and through, kindergarten at Enfield Elementary.

Yours truly,

Colleen Schaller

EEHSP Co-Presidents