EEHSP End of Year Report – 2016-17

EEHSP 2016-17 Year-End Report

Each year, the EEHSP is proud to support and expand on the outstanding work of our schools’ teachers and staff by organizing and funding a wide range of curriculum-related programs and community-building events.

The programs are made possible by the donations of time and funds by our incredible community. In the 2016-17 school year, your contributions helped us raise nearly $50,000, through programs such as:

AmazonSmile, Book Fair, Box Tops, Carnival, Direct Donations, Directory Sales, Flapjack Fundraisers, Harlem Wizards, Spartan Fest, KidStuff Books, Pretzel Sales, Square 1 Art, and Spirit Wear Sales

Here’s how we spent that time and money:

  • Artists in Residence ($7,000)
    Artists share their skills and perspectives with the students
    Enfield: Jenna Price of HoneyBadger Woodworks helped each class design and build a birdhouse
    Erdenheim: Dance group Hip Hop Fundamentals led breakdancing workshops promoting teamwork and self-confidence
  • Author/Illustrator (Supported by the Debbie MacFarland-Corrigan Fund) ($4,500)
    Author/illustrators discuss their work and autograph books for the kids
    Thanks to a generous grant from the Debbie MacFarland-Corrigan Fund, author/illustrator Matt Phelan presented and signed books at Enfield and Erdenheim
  • Financial Assistance ($500)
    Financial aid is provided to children for school-related expenses
  • Gardening ($1,000)
    Both schools receive aesthetically pleasing plantings, decorations and upkeep
  • Grade-Level Events ($12,000)
    Fun events are planned and implemented across both elementary schools

    • K: “American pride” laser light show
    • 1: Franklin Institute presentation, slime-making and pizza truck
    • 2: African bazaar
    • 3: “Tour of the USA”
    • 4: SPACEtacular laser light show and telescope viewing
    • 5: Flash Back Party; Pool Party; End-of-Year Picnic at Camp America (partial funding)
    • K-5: Roller Skating Party at the Palace Roller Rink
    • Various assemblies at both schools
  • Mini-Grants ($6,000)
    Educational programming and other special requests are funded

    • K: Trip Around the World
    • 1: Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam assembly
    • 2: Chick embryology unit
    • 3: Wissahickon Environmental Center field trip
    • 4: Woodmere Art Museum Kids Care project
    • 5: Franklin Institute Traveling Science Show: The Human Body; and colonial storyteller Bill Wood
    • Erdenheim: Service Week pep rally with laser light show
    • K-5: In addition, made available $8,000 ($170/teacher) in classroom funds for teachers
  • Playgrounds ($1,500)
    Equipment such as balls, jump ropes, hula hoops and parachutes are provided
  • Publishing Center ($200)
    Books authored and illustrated by third-graders are produced and assembled in hardcover format
  • Talent Show ($100)
    A two-night talent show is produced for Enfield and Erdenheim students
  • Teacher Appreciation ($1,800)
    Teachers and staff are honored with luncheons, gifts and cards from the kids

Thanks and So Long!
It’s with immense gratitude that we recognize the many volunteers who helped make these programs possible and say goodbye to those whose fifth-graders are graduating. Thank you also to the board members and committee leaders who are stepping down — your dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of our kids have been greatly appreciated.

Pitch In for 2017-18
A variety of our programs are in danger of being shut down unless new committee chairs are found. Our programs generally aren’t difficult to execute — but they do require the time and attention of people who are dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of our kids. In most cases, outgoing chairs will walk new leaders through each process. The following committees are in need of new leadership. To help, please contact us at volunteers@eehsp.org.

  • Carnival
    Our largest event of the year, acting as both a fundraiser and fun event, this K-5 community function requires hundreds of volunteers. Committee members will help organize, plan and coordinate the event. Volunteers are needed to fill the following chair positions: co-chair, food, face painting and sponsorship/raffle. This is truly an amazing institution at the schools, and tremendous fun.
  • Community Partnerships
    New committee. Will establish longer-term relationships between our schools and the community, and ongoing service opportunities for our students. The goal will be the adoption of particular organizations by some sub-unit of the school (school, grade, class etc.), allowing the students to work in an ongoing and meaningful way throughout the year with that organization. Tasks may include coordination with teachers and community organizations, publicity, school advertising, collection/delivery of donations, and more.
  • Fall Fun Fest (2018-19)
    This committee plans, organizes and implements a one-day community celebration, which also will serve as a small fundraiser. It will celebrate the fall, and include a community flea market, apple recipe contest, live music from a local Erdenheim parent’s band, and other musicians she arranges, and philanthropic opportunities, as well as various activities and fun events for kids and adults alike. Committee members will work with the chair to craft and organize the event, including collecting donations from local businesses, coordinating publicity for it and staffing it.
  • Family Fun Nights
    This committee plans, organizes and implements fun events across both elementary schools that provide opportunities for full-family interaction.
  • Fundraising Support 
    Assist with Square 1 Art, Mixed Bags and KidStuff Coupon Books and various other fundraisers. This includes administrative support counting, sorting or entering orders, collecting artwork and orders, displaying samples and/or distributing orders.
  • Garden Committee
    This committee works with both schools to provide aesthetically pleasing plantings for both schools and to maintain their health. Work may include garden maintenance, coordination with teachers and others for co-purposed educational plantings, etc.
  • Newsletter
    Committee creates periodic newsletter advertising EEHSP-sponsored events and activities, and updating families on information of interest.
  • Philanthropy
    Help organize and implement short-term community service projects, which may include a holiday community gift program, food drives, etc. Tasks may include community publicity, school advertising, collection/delivery of donations, and more.
  • Playground
    This committee is responsible for inspecting and making recommended improvements to the playgrounds (repainting lines, etc.) and their associated equipment. As necessary, the committee purchases and updates recess toys, balls and games for use with recess classes, and works with school staff to determine what is needed.
  • Sustainability Committee
    The EEHSP Green Team is a school-wide effort to provide educational information on “green” issues and to integrate “green” principles into school-sponsored events and classroom curriculum. The Green Team’s goal is to inspire all members of our school community to want to take care of the planet. Three focus areas: Reducing Waste; Education; and Grounds & Greening.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
    The committee plans events and activities honoring teachers and staff at both schools and administration. Activities may include a luncheon, favors/gifts, cards from children, etc.

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