Erdenheim Yearbook: What You Need to Know

As you are hopefully aware, EEHSP has a Fifth Grade Committee that is organizing many wonderful things for our 5th graders, including a yearbook, which every student will receive for free. This post explains what the Yearbook Committee needs from you to make this the best it can be, and invites you to join us in producing a wonderful commemorative item for our Fifth Graders. Click “read more” for more information.

Personalized Ads (due January 30)

Most families choose to purchase a $5 “congratulatory” quarter page “ad” for their child, with a message directed to their child. These are all the same ¼ page size, and subsidized by our Pretzel sales to ensure that all children have the same opportunity to be included. You can create your ad for inclusion in the yearbook by creating an account at: http://link.entourageyearbooks.com/index.asp (select “register” on the left hand column, create a log in and ID, log in and select “Erdenheim Elementary 2017 Yearbook” (make sure it is 2017, not 2016!), then select from the right column “Purchase a Yearbook Ad”). When naming your ad, please use your child’s last name (and yours, if different), then email yearbook@eehsp.org to let us know the student’s name for whom the ad was purchased. The system has 10 templates you can choose from, or
you can create your own “look.” You can also use photoshop to create your own 4.25” x 5.5”image, and upload that as an image to a blank ad space. Email yearbook@eehsp.org if you have any questions.

Photo Uploads (due January 30)

You can upload your photos of your 5th grader throughout their K-5 journey at http://link.entourageyearbooks.com/index.asp for our use in the yearbook. Put K-4 pictures in the teacher’s folder, and events for 5th in existing folders for that event (once exception is Color Day for 4th folder — these pics will make up the “Color Day” section as this year’s event occurs after submission of the yearbook). There is a free app available in Apple and Google Play stores from which you can easily upload your phone camera photos as well. Look for this image:


Your Journey Poem (due March 1)

Next, we would love to hear from the kids directly, so would appreciate it if you could have them write a short written work (poem or prose, 200 words max) that we could consider for use, in all or part, in our yearbook. The poem should address the kids’ K-5 experience. This should be a fun thing for the kids, and is absolutely not required. Student work can be created and submitted here: http://bit.ly/2fPPyHn

Photo Opt Out (was due January 1)

Finally, if you wish NOT to have your child’s image or name appear in the yearbook, or related materials for 5th grade celebration, we need to receive an executed form from you, which can be submitted online here: http://bit.ly/2fWkcSA

Thank you for your support!
5th Grade Yearbook Committee